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Photo challenge March: The lost restaurant

Well, I have to admit this month’s topic „Urbex/Lost places“ wasn’t that easy. I had to get to know a new world and had to learn certain rules, like not to tell anyone about a certain lost place.

So, one challenge was to find lost places. But with tips from different directions I found places worth a visit and a photo. But the place I’m now showing to you I came by by incident.

Click on picture for better resolution.

This place has been an italian restaurants some 15 years ago. The owners lived above the restaurant. In between, the place was used by some drug dealers. You can still find some clothes and shoes there. It seems they had to leave quite rapidly.

People walked down this corridor from one room to the other. #lostplaces

People walked down this corridor from one room to the other. #lostplaces

Another challenge this month was to learn myself how to make HDR pictures. I always wanted to learn this technique. Now that I wanted to take pictures in low light situation I had a need to learn it. What do you think? The result is quite good, not?

Lost Places Restaurant - Festsaal, party room

Lost Places Restaurant – ball room

Stay tuned for my next photo challenge. You can always join by linking your blog posts in the comment section.

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