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Photo challenge May: Animals

New month, new topic! I know, I’m a little late for this month but I think this time the challenge is a little bit easier. In may, I’m looking for pictures of animals. Animals are always around us: in daily living, in the nature or on travels. It’s always interesting to spot wildlife in its natural surrounding – which is also better for them than living in the zoo.

Robben in Argentinien

Seals in Argentina

Ein Gürteltier in Argentinien

An armadillo in Argentina

Eine Katze auf irischen Pfaden

An Irish cat

Koala in Australien

Koala bear in Australia

Ein Pinguin in Argentinien

Penguin in Argentina

So, grab your camera or have a look in your archive – and show me your most beautiful, cutest or funniest pictures of animals. Just comment under this post or give me a pingback.

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