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Photo challenge May: Animals

New month, new topic! I know, I’m a little late for this month but I think this time the challenge is a little bit easier. In may, I’m looking for pictures of animals. Animals are always around us: in daily living, in the nature or on travels. It’s always interesting to spot wildlife in its natural surrounding – which is also better for them than living in the zoo.

Photo challenge April: My Baltic Sea

Each month, I’m looking for pictures for a special topic. In April, I had to spot some water. This was actually a quite easy task since I went on a mini cruise with DFDS Seaways and was surrounded by water. But at the end, I had so many pictures showing water that it was quite difficult to find the one perfectly fit for my challenge. The picture shown above I made at the Baltic Sea. Since my hubby is working in Rostock I’m leading a semi-expat life. At weekends, I’m hitting the road to get from Bremen to Rostock. This gives me the chance to discover this area from a base camp.

Amsterdam Light Festival

Colourful Art: The Amsterdam Light Festival

Oh, I love Amsterdam with its small canals, lovely house boats and laid back atmosphere. The city is all year long worth a visit. Consider visiting in December or January if you fancy something special. The Amsterdam Light Festival illuminates the city in a beautiful and unique way. The Amsterdam Light Festival is a young festival. In winter 2013/14 it only had its second edition. But still then, more than half a million people came to watch the fantastic illuminations. One highlight is definitely the water color boat tour. In an one hour cruise you see 17 of the 32 installations. Of course, you can also watch the art works from bridges or streets along the canals but from the boat you have a better view and going around is much easier. But well, you might have to wait quite long to catch a boat. Boats are leaving every 30 minutes near the central station between 5pm and 11pm. Don’t forget to bring warm clothes to Amsterdam since it can get quite cold while you’re …