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Photo challenge April: Water

Picture above: Small rowing boat ferry crossing Riachuelo in Buenos Aires, 2006

Each month, I’m naming another topic for my photo challenge. In April, I’m looking for beautiful places to spot water.

Water is playing a big role in my life: Not only I’m living on a river, I used to be a swimmer in my youth. I do love the sea with its width and wildness. In a nutshell: Living without water nearby seems impossible for me.

Der Pazifik an der neuseeländischen Küste, in der Nähe von Punakaiki

The Pacific ocean at the coast of New Zealand, near Punakaiki

This month, I do have a little help fulfilling my task. I’m going on a mini cruise with DFDS Seaways from Ijmuiden (Amsterdam) to Newcastle. So there should be a lot of water around me.

But everywhere in our daily life we find different forms of water. In pictures, you can find different interpretations of water.

Die Wasserfälle von Iguazu von der brasilianischen Seite aus gesehen

Die Wasserfälle von Iguazu von der brasilianischen Seite aus gesehen

You can easily join my monthly photo challenge. Just go ahead an make photos of water. The link your post in the comment section or give me a pingback. At the end of the month, I will show you my best shot and I will have a look on your posts.

So, show me your water 🙂

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