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My Top 10 for a visit in Bremen

Next sunday, 24 March, Kash (@budgettraveller) will come to visit Bremen for three days. He is currently travelling across Germany to discover the must-see places for young travellers. I would like to help him by advice places to visit in Bremen. I hope you can add some more places to visit and things to do in the comment section. But now, let’s start:

These are my special tips for a 3-day-trip to Bremen:

1. Go on top of the Bamberger building

Just a few metres away from your youth hostel you will find the Bamberger building which is the seat of Bremer Volkshochschule (kind of community college). Take the elevator to the top and enjoy the view over Bremen.

2. Get some ice cream at Osterwiese fair

Just behind the central station you will find the Osterwiese fair. Here you can take a roller coaster ride or get some sweets. You should try our ice cream „Eis wie Sahne“. I know, it’s cold outside but this ice cream is just fantastic.

Eis wie Sahne auf der Osterwiese Bremen.

3. Visit „Das Viertel“

Das Viertel is one of our quarters. Here you will find a lot of bars, restaurants, little shops, clubs. At one of the many turkish food stalls you could try a „Rollo“ which is supposed to have been invented in Bremen. But please be careful not to get lost in one of the bars of the „Bermuda-Dreieck“ (Bermuda triangle) 😉

4. Go sightseeing

There are so many places to see in Bremen you might want to go on a sightseeing tour. To get around download this audio guide tour for free.

5. Enjoy tea-time

Get a piece of cake in one of Bremen’s lovely cafés. One of the oldest and best ones is the “Konditorei Stecker” right across our pigs at Knochenhauerstraße. A hidden gem is „Das Amt„. It might be a little bit difficult to find it but it’s definetly worth a visit.

Das Amt Bremen - ein eher ungewöhnliches Café.

6. Shop till you drop

I’m not sure if you will have the time for shopping or even enough room in your luggage but we do have some nice places to go shopping. If it’s a question of little money, we do have a factory-sales center nearby.

7. Arts and culture

Well, museums are closed on mondays but if you find the time to visit one, my favourites are „Übersee-Museum“ (at the central station), „Kunsthalle Bremen“ (close to Das Viertel) or „Weserburg“ (at the river Weser).

8. Walk along the river Weser

Your youth hostel is next to the river Weser. Take the chance to stroll along Schlachte Embankment. If you follow the river south, you will get to a lot of restaurants, to the little passenger ferry across the river and finally to the football stadium. If you go north, you can discover the new quarter „Überseestadt“ with its modern architecture.

9. Discover the green city

Again, I know it’s still really cold outside. But Bremen has so many parks and green areas to stroll around. If it would be warmer you could get yourself a bike and go on a cycling tour around the city or the nearby areas.

10. Golf in the dark

So, that is definetely a thing you can do when the weather is too bad. Go to „SchwarzLichtHof“ and play some miniature golf in the dark.

So, now I’m running out of tips but I’m sure others can advice more. Feel free to use the comment section 🙂

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