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Eating the world in Berlin

Der Esel bei Wahrhaft Nahrhaft in Berlin

Berlin is just amazing. There is so much to see and do. And even though I have been here already several times there is always something new to discover. So why not go on a food tour to explore lovely Friedrichshain district.

We were 16 people who started at Frankfurter Tor station through Friedrichshain. Our young and sympathic guide told us the history of this quarter while he took us to seven stations where we got delicious food from all over Europe. Having started in Poland we soon were in France and Italy to finally come to Austria. Since the tour differs from time to time and to leave some surprises to you, I only point out three fabulous food spots.

Das Proviant in Berlin Friedrichshain

Proviant (Wühlischstraße 39a, 10245 Berlin)

Old tiles at the wall, small wooden tables and a really good-looking buffet – that was our reception at Proviant in Friedrichshain. Even though the picture above shows an empty place, the store was actually packed with clients and busy staff. Here you can get lots of Mediterranean food starting from French cheese and Italian pasta to Spanish chorizo. We tried some fresh and homemade bread with salami, pesto and truffle cream. The store also offers one specialty: here you can get packed baskets for a picknick. So, it’s definetely worth a visit.

Das Wahrhaft Nahrhaft in Berlin Friedrichshain

Wahrhaft Nahrhaft (Revaler Straße 16, 10245 Berlin)

The name can be translated into „really nourishing“ and nomen est omen. Besides cookies and cakes you will find bagels of all kinds and even cereals. Give it a try.

Schmitzberger (Kopernikusstr. 24, 10245 Berlin)

I love Austria and Austrian food. I guess there is no expression for the small cakes called „Topfen“ – just try and love them as I do. What was special about this place was the small coffee cerenomy in which the owner Theresia Schmitzberger explained the different types of Austrian coffee. That was so nice and lovely. I almost felt like home in this small café.

Ein Marillen-Topfen im Schmitzberger in Berlin Friedrichshain


The portions at the stops are quite small, but hey: you get seven of them. So I finished the tour quite stuffed. My friend who is a little bit taller than me wouldn’t have said no to a second round though 😉 If you plan to got on a tour take something to drinkt with you and tell Eat the World if your are allergic to some food so that they can sort out a alternative.

Food tours like this are offered by Eat the World in several Berlin districts – even in English. And you can go in other German cities on food tours. Just check the website of Eat the World for more information.

So, even I think I know Berlin quite well I really enjoyed this tour. It was a fun and delicious way to explore new sides of the city: Thumbs up 🙂

For the tour, I got two free tickets, worth 60 Euros. My opinion remains unaffected.

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    • Carolin sagt

      Hi Karen,

      you definitely have to come to Berlin – it’s such a buzzing city. And if it’s not for the food it should be for the many sights and museums. There’s always something going on.

    • Carolin sagt

      Hi Nikki,

      that Topfen was delicious. Austrian food is so teasing, especially the sweet stuff. It’s definitely worth a try. Enjoy 🙂

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