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Colors of China

Colors of China - Xiamen

Colors of China – Xiamen

„Capture the Color“ is the motto of a photo competition hosted by For the competition you have to find five perfect pictures representing each a certain color. Well, I traveled a lot and have thousands of pictures to show you. As my entry for the competition, I decided to show you the „Colors of China“:

1. Red

Red - Lantern in Guilin

Red – Lantern in Guilin

2. Blue

Blue - Reed Flute Cave in Guilin

Blue – Reed Flute Cave in Guilin

3. Green

Green - Sea at Lamma Island

Green – Sea at Lamma Island

4. Yellow

Yellow - Pagode in Guilin

Yellow – Pagode in Guilin

5. White

White - Star ferry in Hongkong

White – Star ferry in Hongkong

What do you think, did I capture the color?

Each blogger is invited to take part in the competition. As a little motivation, I nominate the following five people whose work I really appreciate a lot:

Romy aka @snoopsmaus
Christina aka @mrsBerryde
Florian aka @flocke_hh
Claudia aka @claudirtw
Phil aka @killerwalcom

I know, there are even more fantastic bloggers who make incredible pictures and know how to tell stories. Just have a look, who takes part in the competition. All information on the competition you’ll find here. Follow the Hashtag #CTC13 on Twitter to find other bloggers and entries.

And now my question to you: What’s your favourite color?

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