About us

It’s a travel blog, with a donkey as a symbol. I know that this idea isn’t new.

I’m Carolin and travel addicted. I was lucky to grow up with parents who enjoyed travelling around with me and my sister when we were still kids. We even went on a road trip by car through the Netherlands and Belgium as soon as the Berlin Wall came down. Thanks to my parents, I’ve seen half of Europe already as a child. No wonder, that I became travel addicted.

In 2006, I went on a round-the-world-trip. Starting in Brazil, I travelled across South America, followed by New Zealand and Australia just to finish in China. I wrote about this trip a lot of e-mails and on an old blog (only in German).

Since I still love travelling and writing about it, I started this new blog.

And now, the story of the donkey:
Well, you do need good pictures for a blog. But I just can’t jump into every picture, especially, when I’m travelling on my own. So, the donkey is a good company and also a really good model.

Where do I travel?

These days, I’m going quite often on city trips for a weekend. From Bremen, this is quite easy since we do have a Ryanair airport here and of course also a train station. If I do have some longer holidays, I love going out in the nature, for hiking or sailing f. ex. I hope you’ll enjoy this variety as much as I do.

Who’s joining me?

I started travelling and writing about it all by myself but now not only the little donkey joined me but also my husband Steffen and our newborn. So this travel blog becomes more and more a family blog.

So, I think, that’s enough to introduce myself. Enjoy my blog and your own travels!

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