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Der Parthenon of Books auf dem Friedrichsplatz in Kassel zur documenta. (c) Carolin Hinz

Kassel – mehr als documenta

Ich habe keine Ahnung! Ehrlich, ich verstehe nichts von Kunst. Ich war zwei Jahre lang Mitglied im Bremer Kunstverein, weil ich gerne in die Kunsthalle Bremen gehe, aber deswegen kann ich noch lange keine Auskunft zu den ausgestellten Werken geben. Dieses als Warnung voran geschickt, falls jetzt irgendjemand tiefgründige Einblicke in die documenta14 erwartet. Ich bin maximal interessierte Laiin und so richtet sich dieser Text auch eher an andere interessierte Laien. Nun gut, es geht los.

Amsterdam Light Festival

Colourful Art: The Amsterdam Light Festival

Oh, I love Amsterdam with its small canals, lovely house boats and laid back atmosphere. The city is all year long worth a visit. Consider visiting in December or January if you fancy something special. The Amsterdam Light Festival illuminates the city in a beautiful and unique way. The Amsterdam Light Festival is a young festival. In winter 2013/14 it only had its second edition. But still then, more than half a million people came to watch the fantastic illuminations. One highlight is definitely the water color boat tour. In an one hour cruise you see 17 of the 32 installations. Of course, you can also watch the art works from bridges or streets along the canals but from the boat you have a better view and going around is much easier. But well, you might have to wait quite long to catch a boat. Boats are leaving every 30 minutes near the central station between 5pm and 11pm. Don’t forget to bring warm clothes to Amsterdam since it can get quite cold while you’re …

Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten mit Blick auf den Weihnachtsmarkt

Christmas time in Germany

Oh, I love Christmas. Not necessarily because of the presents I get but for the atmosphere. Here is a short overview of what makes Christmas in Germany special for me: Christmas markets In Bremen we have two big christmas markets: the historic one at the market square and one at the river Weser which is more like a medieval market. Both have a really beautiful setting, cute little booths where you can buy presents and of course food stalls with various treats and snacks. I love to get myself a piece of fresh bread with a layer of lard which is the perfect base to have delicious mulled wine. And for some sweets I love the warm Baumkuchen (cylindrical cake built up of horizontal layers) with warm cherries. Yummy! So when in Germany, make sure to visit a Christmas market. Every city has one. If you don’t make it to the Bremen christmas market you might want to have a look at Braunschweig, Leipzig or Dresden. That are the ones I know and I love. …